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At July 1999 there are several psycho grinder from Ngentot University of Purwokerto makes a group bands "PERNICIEUS" with grindcore music.The first line up are : Theycka (Bass /Voc), Boy (Guitar), Fully (drum).Chandra (BOROX-Tangerang grindcore) join with the band as drummer at December 2000, he changed Fully's position,First Fully is a drummer than he changed as a guitarist. Pernicieus recorded 2 songs that summarized in promotape 2001 with the title TRAGICAL MOTHERLAND. Imam join with the band as a vocalist at october 2002 and than Pernicious changed the name of the band become PERNICIOUS HATE ( PH ) PH try to recorded "In Fear" song that we consider as a weapon and we got the good result.for sound of grindcore character that we want.But for a moment at April 2003 Fully retired from PH and join with KREMUSH ( Purwokerto old death metal).After that Fully's position changed by Iwan ( BRUTAL CREMATION-Purwokerto brutal death).Not need long time Gogick join as rythm guitarist. Line up are: Imam (voc), Iwan (guitar), Gogick (rythm guitar),Theycka (bass), Chandra (drum) PH recorded 11 songs at February 2004 that we summarized in CD demo 2004.

July 2004 we recorded again 4 songs and was born "DISGRACE WORLD" the full first length album of PH with 15 crazy songs released by EDELWEISS RECORD. Disgrace World album was launched at 20 November 2005 at Cundomanik Building of Purwokerto. Gogick retired from PH at February 2006 because he graduated from his study and work in Jakarta,and also Chandra at September 2008. The last Line up are : Imam (voc),Iwan (guitar),Theycka(bass) and we decided to take Alung (add guitar), Woro (add drum) GRIND ON.......!!! KEEP NGENTOT...!!!!!

Pernicious Hate - Disgrace World (2005)
Tracklist :
01. Orgasme Ganda
02. PSK
02. In Fear
03. Busuk
04. Tragically
05. Sick Of
06. Incest
07. Intimidasi
08. Budak Emosi
09. Killing Without Feeling
10. Innocent Slaughter
11. Infeksi kelamin
12. Agression
13. Why
14. Maltreated
15. Disgrace

Promo tape 2001
Comp.Brutally Sickness Molested And Dismembered Extreme Soul Production Bandung 2002
Demo CD 2004
Comp. Reign In Blood In Blood Record Bandung 2004
Comp. Dimensi Kematian Edelweiss Production Jakarta 2004
I’st Album Disgrace World Edelweiss Production Jakarta 2005
Comp.Brutal Disaster Raw As War No Label Records Surabaya 2006
Comp. Epidemic Of BrutalityBeginning Of TorturePsychosm Production Makassar 2006
Comp.Metalik Klinik 9 Final Rotorcorp Production Jakarta 2006
Comp. Bleeding Radiation Grind FeastRadiasi Production Jombang 2007

c/o: Imam Santosa grind line:
ym :ozza_psycho
Phone : mobile :+6285624442777

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