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The Varukers are an anarchist hardcore punk band formed in 1979 by vocalist Rat. The Varukers originally split in 1988 as the various members went their separate ways. But in 1993, vocalist Rat decided to reform the band. Stylistically, their music resembled the traditional uk82 style exemplified by bands like GBH and The Exploited. Since the band had former members of Discharge, a d-beat sound developed as time went on. The band has gone through many line-up changes over the years with the only constant member being Rat on vocals. They have recently released a retrospective CD on SOS Records.

the varukers - 1980-2005 - collection of 25 years
The Varukers - 1981-1985 - Punk Singles
The Varukers - 1982 - I Don't Wanna Be A Victim (Ep)
The Varukers - 1983 - Die For Your Government (7'')
The Varukers - 1983-1984 - Riot City Years
The Varukers - 1984 - Another Religion, Another War (12'')
The Varukers - 1984 - Led To The Slaughter (Ep)
The Varukers - 1988 - Murder
The Varukers - 1995 - Bloodsuckers
The Varukers - 1999 - Blood Suckers + Prepare For The Attack (Missing 2 Tracks)
The Varukers - 2000 - How Do You Sleep
the varukers - protest and survive
The Varukers - Still Bollox, But Still Here

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