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Discharge are a British band formed in Stoke On Trent, UK in 1977. They are one of the world's first hardcore punk bands, and are often recognized as one of the main bands responsible for starting , and serving as sole inspiration for a legion of bands who played a style of hardcore punk called "" for how they paid tribute to Discharge's distinctive guitar and drum interplay. They later went on to play in the '80s hybrid of hardcore and thrash. Discharge are still active today, fronted by The Varukers vocalist Rat.

Discharge formed with the original line up of Terry 'Tez' Roberts on Vocals, Tony 'Bones' Roberts on Guitar, Roy 'Rainy' Wainwright on guitar, Nigel Bamford on bass and Akko on drums. Shortly after Nigel Bamford left the group and Rainy moved to bass. This line up sounded much more like the Sex Pistols and only recorded one demo.


1.Visions Of War
2.Does This System Work?
3.A Look At Tomorrow
5.Maimed And Slaughtered
6.Mania For Conquest
7.Ain't No Feeble Bastard
8.Is This To Be?
9.Massacre Of Innocence (Air Attack)
10.Why? (Reprise)
CD reissue bonus tracks
11.Realities Of War
12.They Declare It
13.But After The Gig
14.Society's Victim
15.Fight Back
16.War's No Fairytale
17.Always Restrictions
18.You Take Part In Creating This System
19.Religion Instigates
21.It's No T.V. Sketch
22.Tomorrow Belongs To Us

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