Millencolin – The Hi 8 Adventures (DVD)

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This DVD is the band’s home movie and features 74 minutes of interviews, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage following Millencolin’s travels all over the world. Includes a bonus video of “Kemp”, a song from the “Home From Home” album and the trailer for the upcoming Millencolin movie.Sweden’s hardcore punk band Millencolin share both a label and a sound with Southern California punk heavyweights like NOFX and The Offspring. Their fans will be delighted with this highly original video release–a curious mixture of punk rock musical, road movie, and music video. Featuring 23 of their songs, including some live performances, MILLENCOLIN & THE HI-8 ADVENTURES is a must for the fan of the Epitaph brand of punk rock.

Posted on 23 September 2010 19.12