Enemy Alliance, Indecision Alarm - The New Wind and the Second Wave [2007]

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Genre: Melodic Hardcore/Punk
1. Apparatus of repression (Enemy Alliance)
2. Government subsidized ghetto (Enemy Alliance)
3. Vultures (Enemy Alliance)
4. The clashing (Enemy Alliance)
5. Sacrifice (Enemy Alliance)
6. Eruptions of violence (Enemy Alliance)
7. Alienation process (Indecision Alarm)
8. Where every fuckin dream is killed (Indecision Alarm)
9. New brooms vs old doctrines (Indecision Alarm)
10. Violence, coercion, surveillance (Indecision Alarm)
11. Rod of iron (Indecision Alarm)
12. Making bets in a burning house (Indecision Alarm)
the indecision alarm

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