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Left Alone is a punk rock/Street Punk band from Wilmington, California. They were formed in May 1996 by lead vocalist/guitarist Elvis Cortez. Cortez formed his own label, Smelvis Records, to release Left Alone's records, and has since expanded the label to include numerous other underground bands. Cortez was also the owner of the PCH Club in Wilmington, which is now defunct. Left Alone's music has ska influences, and the band is notable for adhering to a do it yourself ethic, by avoiding major labels, booking their own tours, and making their own merchandise.

After releasing numerous demos, splits, and EPs, Left Alone released their first full-length, Streets of Wilmington, in 2002. A year later, the band compiled their earlier, out-of-print recordings on the anthology Left Alone: 1996-2000. In 2003, Cortez went on the Warped Tour as a roadie. After Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman heard Left Alone's music, he chose the band to be the Warped Tour BBQ band for the 2004 tour. The band were invited back to be the BBQ band for the 2005 tour. While on the Warped Tour, Tim Armstrong of Rancid heard Left Alone's 2004 album, Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts. Armstrong signed the band to his label, Hellcat Records, and re-released Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts. The band released their third full-length album, Dead American Radio, on August 8, 2006, which features guest appearances from Tim Armstrong and Patricia Day of the Horrorpops.

Left Alone - Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts (2004)
01 Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts
02 Broke My Heart
03 Another Feeling
04 Monday Morning
05 By My Side
06 My Whole Life
07 Would You Stay Now
08 My '62
09 Heart Riot
10 Dead Red Roses
11. Heart Of Mine
12 My Way
13 Wasted Time
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Left Alone - Dead American Radio (2006)
01 The Sinner
02 City To City (Feat Tim Armstrong)
03 Every Night
04 Done Wrong
05 La Pregunta (Spanish) (Feat Patricia Day)
06 Waiting For You
07 Drunk Again
08 New York City
09 4 Weeks
10 She's The Only One
11 Wash Away
12 ~censored~ Son
13 Justino
14 Dead American Radio
15 No One Likes Us
16 I Hate Emo
password: FcBaselFan

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hey it's weird. i can't unzip the tracks 1, 4, 8, 9 and 10. why is that?

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