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A man struggling with his sexual identity becomes obsessed with a member of a skinhead gang in this drama. Koma (Simon Goerts) is a German skinhead who is friends with Janosch (Sascha Backhaus), who seems to take more than a casual interest in his muscular and clean-shaven pal. If Koma notices Janosch's interests, however, he isn't letting on. Koma and his wife Sandra (Sandra Borgmann) are expecting twins soon, but Koma invites Janosch, who needs a place to live, to stay in their nursery for the time being. Before long, Janosch has cut off his hair and immersed himself in skinhead culture, but he finds little outlet for his homoerotic desires. Sandra decides to fix him up with a girlfriend, Blanca (Britta Dirks), but, while she takes a strong interest in settling down with him, he is not particularly attracted to her. Janosch becomes aware of a group of self-styled "modern primitives" who modify their bodies with tattoos and piercings and encourage free sexual expression; he gets to know a few of them and becomes physically involved with Zottel (Jens Veith). However, the skins regard the primitives as their enemies, and Koma is not at all happy with Janosch's new friends or the open acknowledgement of his homosexuality. Oi! Warning received its American premiere at the 1999 San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and also played at the 1999 Montreal Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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before download Oi! Warning
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gan ini ada subtitlenya ke bahasa indonesia?
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használja a google fordító. Én vagyok a brazil, és szeretnék köszönetet mondani. a link működik ma (november 2009). gratulálunk. ölelés. marcelo.

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Belum nemu yang subtittle bahasa indonesia gan...

használja a google fordító. Én vagyok a brazil, és szeretnék köszönetet mondani. a link működik ma (november 2009)gratulálunk. ölelés. marcelo.
"use the google translator. I am Brazilian and I would like to thank you. the link works today (November 2009) Congratulations. hug. Marcelo."
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