The Casualties - Can't Stop Us (DVD)

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Go on the road with The Casualties. This 90 minute movie documents their recent tours of Japan and Mexico. The DVD includes insane live performances (over 20 songs), and all the behind the scenes mayhem you would expect. From riots in Mexico ... Full DescriptionCity, to Do It Yourself stitches and multiple emergency room visits, this DVD captures all the action. Included are live performances by For the Punx, Nightmare, Punx Unite, Made in NYC, Casualties Army, Fight For Your Life, Get Off My Back, Unknown Soldier, Tomorrow Belongs To Us, Diehards, Police Brutality, Criminal Class, On the Front Line, Media Control, Ugly Bastards, Punx & Skins, Punk Rock Love, City Life, and more.With their mile-high Mohawks, antiestablishment attitude, and unrelentingly hard and fast guitar rock, New York City band the Casualties remain the poster boys of DIY street punk. CAN'T STOP US

captures the unapologetic gutter punks on tour in Mexico and Japan with characteristically frenetic live performances and equally anarchic behind-the-scenes footage, including a near-riot in Mexico City.

Genre: Punk
Year: 2006

01. For The Punx
02. Nightmare
03. Punx Unite
04. Made In NYC
05. Casualties Army
06. Fight For Your Life
07. Get Off My Back
08. Unknown Soldier
09. Tomorrow Belongs To Us
10. Diehards
11. Police Brutality
12. Criminal Class
13. On The Front Line
14. Media Control
15. Ugly Bastards
16. Punx And Skins
17. Punk Rock Love
18. City Life



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bro the casualtise made in new york dvd dong ....

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