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The first Chain of Strength release was a 7" EP entitled True Till Death, released through Revelation Records. After parting ways with Revelation, they formed their own Foundation Records to release another 7", What Holds Us Apart. Both of these records eventually fell out of print, yet were still in demand. As a result, Revelation Records released both EPs (plus one unreleased track) as a CD/LP called The One Thing That Still Holds True.

Chain of Strength - True Till Death ep - Revelation Records 1988

I am just going to say it...this is the best straight edge / youth crew call it whatever you want hardcore record ever.This record is so powerful and emotional that even the poor recording can't hold it back. This record also gets the award for most effective use of the word "fuck" ever in recorded music history. I mean just listen to the songs "Never Understand" and "Let Down" to hear what I am talking about.
Anyway, cheers to Erich for reminding me to post this damn record in the first place. Dave G
01 just how much.mp3
02 true till death.mp3
03 there is a difference.mp3
04 never understand 05 let down.mp3
06 best of times.mp3

Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart(1990)

1. Too Deep Until Now
2. The Space Between
3. Hurts To Ask
4. Through These Eyes

CChain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True(1996)

Track List :
Too Deep Until Now
The Space Between
Through These Eyes
Hurts To Ask
True Till Death
Just How Much
There Is A Difference
Never Understand
Let Down
Best Of Times

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