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England’s THE TOY DOLLS are a wonderfully fun and talented band that unfortunately has been treated relatively like a novelty in the US. The band’s level of talent and cleverness are things that in general betray the label of “punk rock” and tracks like “Nellie the Elephant”, “Dig that Groove Baby”, “She Goes to Finos” and “I’ve Got Asthma” are classics that one can never get tired of. After two and half decades the band considers calling it quits, although they are far from “dried up has beens” and it would be a shame for them to cut short their continually growing legacy of consistently entertaining music.

This DVD release features excellent audio and video quality as 27 tracks are performed in Utrecht Tivoli, Holland. It’s an absolutely solid and enjoyable show that highlights the band’s humor and talent as they barrel through each track with the hyperactive energy of a young kid hopped up on sugar. Ever the showmen, the band breaks into several interesting cover song choices that seem completely out of place in their chosen genre yet pulled off spectacularly. Watching the band bust out “The Entertainer”, “Wipe out”, “When the Saints go Marching in”, or “Toccata” bring a smile to one’s face and prove there is much more to this band than it may seem on the surface.

1. Intro (The Final Countdown)
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Dougy Giro
4. The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
5. Bless You My Son
6. My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar
7. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
8. Waltz
9. Lambrusco Kid
10. Tocatta
11. Alec's Gone
12. The Entertainer
13. Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead
14. Wakey Wakey Intro
15. Stay Mellow
16. Olga I Cannot
17. Idle Gossip
18. Tommy Kowey's Car
19. Sabre Dance
20. I've Got Asthma
21. Boccherini Bit
22. Fiery Jack
23. Wipe Out
24. When The Saints Go Marching In
25. Back In '79
26. Nellie The Elephant
27. Glenda And The Test Tube Baby
28. She Goes To Finos
29. Dig That Groove Baby Theme Tune
30. Outro (The Final Countdown)

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