Conquest For Death

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Conquest For Death
hardcore punk from San Francisco, California
Conquest For Death - Beyond the Hidden Valley (2008)

01. Still Angry, Still Smiling
02. Shadows And Demons
03. Topographical Maps Of Imaginary Landscapes - The Whole Wide Wold - Newton
04. Victoria Terminus
05. Positive Attitude, Negative World
06. This Is Our Time - Never Say Die
07. What Joy In Gossip When You Can Say It To Their Face?
08. Condition Critical
09. In The Dead Of Night
10. Is This Integrity Or Stupidity? Rock 'n' Roll's A Loser's Game... And We're Winning!!!
11. Beyond The Valley Of The Last Of The V-8 Interceptors
12. Wake Up Screaming!
13. Double Standard Bearer
14. Repentant Or Martyred
15. The Unbridled Disgust Of Being Human, The Pure Joy Of Being Alive
16. CFD
17. No Safe Words For Life

Conquest For Death - Front Row Tickets to Armageddon (2007)

02.Circle Pits, Not Prayer Circles
03.A Level Head To Witness Misery
04.Night Crew
05.Within The Whitewashed Walls Of The Sepulchral City
06.War On Children, War Of Children
07.Yellow Tape
08.Front Row Tickets To Armageddon
09.Global Travel In A Zippered Bag
10.Humans Are Disposable
11.A Sunny Day In No Man's Land
12.Surrounded And Outnumbered
13.Stubbing Our Toes On The Standard Bar

Conquest For Death - Conquest For Death [Ep] (2003)

1. beyond the hidden valley of the last of the v-8 interceptors
2. wake up screaming!
3. double standard bearer
4. repentent or martyred
5. the unbridled disgust of being human, the pure joy of being alive
6. c.f.d.
7. no safe words for life

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